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I have been using these products for 20 years and I finally decided to add this testimonial here.

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There are so many skin care products on the market, but what they claim never seems to be realized so you try this, try that and just never see the improvement you are hoping for.

Most products are cosmetic grade and do not have bioavailable ingredients or not at a concentration that will actually do something for your skin. Kara Vita is different by offering Pharmaceutical Grade Skin Care products that do what everyone else just claims, they work, guarenteed. Not only are the ingredients bioavailable, Pharmaceutical Grade at effective levels, but they are time released for hours with a patented nanoshere technology that encapsolates the ingredients and releases them into the deepest layers of the skin.

There are formulas for every skin type and skin needs.


Hydrating, Balancing lines along with a sunscreen that gives the ultimate protection and a body lotion that truly hydrates all day. The Every Day Skin Penetrating Lotion was originally designed for burn patients that needed a therapeutic lotion for their healing skin that also gives a protective barrier.

Everyone needs Anti-Aging skin care! 

Antioxidants for your skin help combat against cellular damage from free radicals. Starting this regimen young will help prevent skin damage and keep a youthful glow. If you have some damage already there are products that will help repair the damage and bring back more youthful and healthy skin. 

A daily Antioxidant Treament lotion is a must. Other anti-aging products include Glycolics, Retinol and the "DNArescue" lotion.

For firming and lifting the skin we have the "Up Tight" lotion and for super hydration there is the "Indulgence" cream.

Have dark cirlcles, fine lines, sagging, puffiness around the eyes?  The "Eyewish Bioserum" is a must have daily.


Check out the Kara Vita Website for more information and all the products.

There is always a 100% guarentee that you will see results.

Here is the Link to the website linked to my consultant account.

You can also add the coupon code MVOSS so I get credit if you decide to try some products.

If you want to talk about what I would recommend for you to start with then send me an email and we can set some time.

I start my morning with a cleanser, then toner to balance the pH and get my skin ready for the treatments.

I add the DNA rescue in the morning, then the hydrating antioxidant and a little EyeWish.

To finish you need a moisturizer with a sunscreen that is light and non greasy.

Every treatment is instantly absorbed into the skin.

Glycolics can be added to the regimin along with Retinol and UpTight for massive skin improvement.

When I need some extra hydration I use the Indulgence.

Hyssop Health is an herbal spray that i always have on hand if I start to feel a little under the weather I spray in my mouth.

If I have a small wound I spray it on my skin and I will use it on my dogs too. There is a nasal spray too that is great for seasonal allergies when you have a stuffy nose.

Hyssop Health has its own website to get the nasal spray.

Give Kara Vita a try!

Michelle Voss

Contact:  Michelle Voss

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